Change and continuity for west africa 1100 ce and 1750ce

According to paleontologythe early hominids' skull anatomy was similar to that of the gorilla and the chimpanzeegreat apes that also evolved in Africa, but the hominids had adopted a bipedal locomotion which freed their hands.

Change and continuity for west africa 1100 ce and 1750ce

Ottoman Dynasty - In the late s A. Henry himself never sailed, but his maps and charts and money came in very handy when Portugal wanted to explore the world. The early colonists tried to bring people from Europe to work in the New World, both as indentured servants and as slaves.

Ptolemaic period

That did not work well either, especially in the tropical regions. The Europeans were not used to a tropical climate.

Many died of disease. Some ran away and blended with other early colonists. The Portuguese soon discovered that Africans were excellent workers.

They were used to more tropical climate conditions. The African people did not want to be slaves. They had to be captured and forced into slavery.

A business sprang up - slavers. These were traders who captured and sold people into slavery. Reign of Mehmed the Conqueror - Mehmed II, the Conqueror was a Turkish sultan who conquered Constantinople and ruthlessly consolidated and enlarged the Ottoman Empire with a military crusade into Asia and Europe Reign of Sunni Ali - Sonni Ali is remembered in Songhai oral tradition as a magician of great power.

Rather than following the Mali Empire system of Islamic city rule over a non-Islamic rural people, Sonni Ali mixed an unorthodox observance of Islam with traditional African religion.

Change and continuity for west africa 1100 ce and 1750ce

He was a man of the people rather than the elite ruling class of Muslim clerics and scholars. He is regarded as a great military commander who carried out a strategic campaign of conquest along the Niger River. He is said to have retaliated against the Muslim leadership within Timbuktu after they failed to provide promised transport for his troops to cross the river.

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Martin Luther - Martin wrote these 95 points of doctrine on a placard, which he nailed to the door of the Catholic Church in Wittenberg, Germany. These 95 points of doctrine were copied and sent throughout Germany, resulting in the Catholic Church losing out on the collection of money that it collected in exchange for indulgences.

The sale of indulgences was one of the 95 practices that Martin Luther disagreed with. This practice allowed people to buy forgiveness for their sins. He quickly made port in the Canary Islands for a final restocking and left there on September 6.

He was in command of three ships: Treaty of Tordesillas The Treaty of Tordesillas was agreed upon by the Spanish and the Portuguese to clear up confusion on newly claimed land in the New World. The early s brought about great advances in European exploration. In order make trade more efficient, Portugal attempted to find a direct water route to the India and China.

By using a direct water route, Arab merchants, who owned land trade routes, were not able to make a profit off of the European trade merchants. After Columbus discovered the New World init was clear that conflict would soon arise over land claims by Spain and Portugal.

The Portuguese also wanted to protect their monopoly on the trade route to Africa and felt threatened. It was only after the realization that Columbus had found something big that land became the important issue.

The newly discovered land held great potential wealth which would benefit European nations. Safavid Dynasty - In the s A. Spanish conquest of Mexico - The Spanish were much better prepared to fight the fierce Aztec warriors.

It was not the Spanish guns that won the day. It was the Spanish horses and dogs. The Spanish brought huge fierce mastiffs with them into battle.

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Their best weapon was disease. The Aztecs had never been exposed to childhood diseases like measles. As well, the Spanish had help from the other tribes in the area. These tribes saw a chance to get even, and perhaps even to rid themselves of the feared and hated Aztecs.

Reign of Suleymen the Magnificent - Suleyman the Magnificent has been known as one of the greatest rulers of the Ottoman Empire. He is mostly remembered as a fierce conqueror of the Islamic religion. In Middle Eastern cultures, however, he is often referred to as a great builder.Change & Continuity Over Time Essay CCOT.

Purpose: • To evaluate your ability to analyze migrations, or environment. The continuity and change over time questions require analysis of process and explanation of.

Changes & Continuities in Commercial Trade in the Indian Ocean. Analysis of Continuity and Change Over Time Continuity: The merchants sailing across the Indian Ocean utilized the monsoons as a means of transportation along the commercial region because they were reliable and made getting to and from destinations less difficult and .

(ex: — ); Read the prompt carefully and determine the AP theme (such nbsp; Change over Time Essay — History Haven and analyze the cultural, economic, and political impact of Islam on ONE of the following regions between C.


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and C. E. Be sure to discuss continuities as well as change. West Africa. The links between China and the West remained tenuous until modern Construction techniques did not undergo any great change in the period – with the completion of the Canal du Midi between the Mediterranean and the Bay of Biscay in , large-scale civil engineering achieved an outstanding success.

The canal is miles. Niger in West Africa Nile went through Central Africa up to North Africa Zambezi in South and Central Africa Africa CE CE Social Elite classes increased as wealth increased Muslims filled the elite classes Men at the top of the social class because they continued to hunt. Between and , Islam caused West Africa to experience an increase in trade and economic activity, the rise and fall of several Islamic states and empires, and provided new practices to be blended with the traditional African culture.

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