Greenspans re nomination essay

Someone thinks your opinion is valuable. How to Write an Award Recommendation Letter Before you write the first word, put some time into getting the background on the award and the candidate. Try to research the history of the award.

Greenspans re nomination essay

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Advertisement The Globe found two other statewide incumbents who had received assistance from state employees in filing signatures with local clerks, but to a much lesser degree. Three employees helped State Auditor Suzanne M.

Greenspans re nomination essay

Bump, at least one of whom was on the public clock and has been disciplined, her office said. And time sheets show that a lottery worker took personal or vacation time when he filed paperwork on behalf of State Treasurer Deborah B.

The Globe reviewed nomination papers submitted to 25 city and town clerks throughout greater Greenspans re nomination essay, each of whom is charged with verifying signatures turned in by campaigns before candidates, like Galvin, can qualify for the ballot.

All nomination papers were due to local clerks by Tuesday. Candidates for secretary of state must have 5, certified signatures. Others took full days off. Advertisement Galvin said Tuesday that he did not ask any employees to help his campaign.

Other employees were far busier. On three of those days, he put in for a half-hour of personal time, his time sheets show. One time he called out sick, yet dropped off signatures.

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Harkins, a former state representative who now works for Galvin as a census specialist, was just as active, making at least five stops between Needham, where she lives, or Natick. Harkins told the Globe Monday she took three personal days to file paperwork. But the Globe found four instances in which she was in Natick submitting or picking up signatures on days she drew full pay.

But he also was in Peabody at 1: Public employees, many of them campaign alums themselves, routinely offer help to do political work on their free time for a range of office holders.

Greenspans re nomination essay

But the practice can also mean walking a fine line. Time sheets provided by the lottery show the employee took a personal or vacation day each time.

Several other office holders appear to have used volunteers or paid campaign staff to do such tasks. Galvin used volunteers at least five times, and in one instance, filed signatures himself, according to the paperwork reviewed by the Globe.

In three instances, filers identified themselves only by initials or their handwriting was illegible, making it difficult to determine their names.

Galvin told the Globe in March that he called Rivera because he felt the mayor had promised to endorse him at an event in January. Joshua Miller of Globe staff contributed to this report.

Reach Matt Stout at matt. Follow him on Twitter mattpstout.Jun 16,  · "One page essay stating reasons for seeking this nomination, typed." When I write these type of things, I like to write sincerely from my heart (desire to become an officer and serve), but I also want my writing to stand out and be unique.

Three other candidates had pulled and filed their nomination papers with the requisite signatures with the Thousand Oaks City Clerk’s Office by the close of business Friday. are up for re. Nominations. Before you can be considered for appointment to the United States Air Force Academy, you must obtain a nomination.

A nomination does not guarantee appointment to the Academy, however, no appointment can be offered without one.

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Securing nominations is a competitive process. RESNA will join RehabWeek in Toronto, Canada, from June 24 – 28, The perfect place to unite innovative and successful minds in rehabilitation technology.

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