How to write a military congressional complaint

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How to write a military congressional complaint

What rights do I have as a complainant? File an IG complaint at any level without going through their supervisory channel. File a complaint with an IG without fear of reprisal. Request withdrawal of their IG complaint in writing; however, IGs may still examine the issues at their discretion and treat it as a third-party complaint.

No. The webmaster will not forward messages to congressional offices. If you are having problems contacting your representative, you can report the problem using the Contact Webmaster form, write or call your elected representative, or visit the member's website for alternate contact information. Attorney Richard V. Stevens represents and defends military commanders and other military members against whom a congressional complaint has been filed, and also represents military members who seek to file a congressional complaint against a commander, unit, or other military members. § Complaints of sexual harassment: investigation by commanding officers (a) Action on Complaints Alleging Sexual Harassment.-A commanding officer or officer in charge of a unit, vessel, facility, or area of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps who receives from a member of the command or a civilian employee under the supervision of the officer a complaint alleging sexual .

Request the next higher-level IG review their case within 90 days of receiving the IG response. However, simply disagreeing with the findings or action taken will not constitute sufficiency for additional IG review.

The request for review must: Anonymous complainants obviously will not receive a response.

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Any individual can submit a complaint if they reasonably believe inappropriate conduct has occurred, or a wrong or violation of law, policy, procedure, instruction, or regulation has been committed, even if the complainant is not the wronged party or was not affected by the alleged violation.

They can also submit a complaint on behalf of another individual third-party. Third-party complainants are not entitled to a response regarding the substance of alleged wrongs not directly affecting them.

how to write a military congressional complaint

Third-party complainants are entitled to have receipt of their complaint acknowledged. To release specifics concerning a case, a written and signed consent to release statement must be acquired from the affected party.

If the affected party does not give their consent to release findings to the third party, IGs must inform the third party the matter will be reviewed but specifics will not be released. A complainant may request whistleblower protection under 10 USC if they believe that they have been reprised against for making or planning to make a protected communication.

Allegations that have been previously investigated and reviewed by a higher level IG office in accordance with AFIparagraph 2. AFIparagraph 3.

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While this does not mean that communications made to an IG are privileged or confidential, it does mean that disclosure of those communications and the identity of the communicant will be strictly limited to an official, need-to-know basis.

Will filing an IG complaint prevent a personnel action from being taken against me?

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Congressional Inquiry This memo provides an overview of the criteria and procedures for hardship and dependency discharge, with some discussion of the differences among the services. Although it was written for counselors and attorneys, it may be of assistance to servicemembers and their families submitting discharge applications.
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Filing an IG complaint will not delay or prevent completion of any command actions such as reassignment, denial of reenlistment, retirement, discharge, or nonjudicial punishment. The IG system is merely an investigative body which has no authority to place individuals on administrative hold or take corrective action; only commanders can do this.

Back to top Answer 9: A subject is a member against whom allegations of wrongdoing have been made. A suspect is a person suspected of a criminal offense. Your treatment and rights will be determined by whether you are considered a subject or a suspect. Since IG investigations are administrative in nature and do not normally look at criminal wrongdoing, most members who have allegations against them will be considered subjects.

There are different interpretations from various judge advocates JAs on the appropriate time to read members rights; some do advise reading them before all subject interviews, so if you are read rights, you should seek clarification from the IO.

Only a suspect has the right to have an attorney or ADC present during an interview. Subjects have the right to consult with an attorney, but may not have an attorney present during the interview.

how to write a military congressional complaint

Back to top Answer Reprisal is taking or threatening to take an unfavorable personnel action or withholding or threatening to withhold a favorable personnel action on a military member for making or preparing to make a protected communication.

There are very specific definitions of the terms used within the reprisal definition. Military members may file reprisal complaints under 10 USC if they feel they have been reprised against for making or planning to make a protected communication.

There are two types of protected communications. The first is a lawful communication i. This can be as simple as making a phone call or visiting an office to make a complaint. The second type of protected communication is one that the member reasonably believes evidences a violation of law or regulation, including laws or regulations prohibiting sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination, gross mismanagement, a gross waste of funds, an abuse of authority, or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety, when such communication is made to: This list is not all inclusive; and circumstances of each case will determine if there is protected communication.

A protected communication also includes circumstances where the military member was preparing a lawful communication or complaint that was not actually delivered, where the member did not actually communicate or complain but was believed to have done so by management officials, or cooperated with or otherwise assisted any person identified above by providing information that the military member reasonably believed evidenced wrongdoing.External Link.

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Department of State of . Attorney Richard V. Stevens represents and defends military commanders and other military members against whom a congressional complaint has been filed, and also represents military members who seek to file a congressional complaint against a commander, unit, or other military members.

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Fixing the broken immigration system is particularly important to me because [include personal story or share what inspired you to write this letter]. Members of the U.S. military can initiate a congressional inquiry about any aspect of their military service by sending a written request with their name, Social Security number, rank, assigned duty station, address and phone number to the member of Congress in their district of permanent residence.

Members of Congress receive a lot of negative complaint letters after nearly every action they take on legislative and their families, take a few minutes to write and send a short thank-you note (especially if you previously wrote a letter expressing your opinion): due to their military .

The members mentioned in the complaint are being represented by Eugene Fidell, head of the Military Practice Group in the firm Feldsman, Tucker, Leifer, Fidell LLP.

“We are arguing that the regulation regarding the uniforms is capricious and contrary to law,” said Eugene Fidell, the .

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