Laos secret war

Wars in Laos This page only takes a 'tiny peek' at a roughly year ' Secret War ' in Laos that can trace its origins of requested American involvement to around and its end 'Officially' to Wars in Laos are known as far back in history as there are legends.

Laos secret war

Twitter Secret War in Laos Laos, An intensive bombing campaign, coupled with artillery battles on land, has left the landscape in some areas of Laos filled with craters. Titus Peachey From tothe U.

The bombings were part of the U.

Laos secret war

The bombings destroyed many villages and displaced hundreds of thousands of Lao civilians during the nine-year period.

Up to a third of the bombs dropped did not explode, leaving Laos contaminated with vast quantities of unexploded ordnance UXO.

Secret War in Laos | Legacies of War

Over 20, people have been killed or injured by UXO in Laos since the bombing ceased. The wounds of war are not only felt in Laos. When the Americans withdrew from Laos inhundreds of thousands of refugees fled the country, and many of them ultimately resettled in the United States.

Laos secret war

Regions in Laos that were bombed are highlighted in red and yellow. Here are some other startling facts about the U. Over million cluster bombs were dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War million more bombs than were dropped on Iraq inand combined ; up to 80 million did not detonate.

More than half of all confirmed cluster munitions casualties in the world have occurred in Laos. Each year there are now just under 50 new casualties in Laos, down from in Between andthe U.

In just ten days of bombing Laos, the U. More in this Section.The bombings were part of the U.S. Secret War in Laos to support the Royal Lao Government against the Pathet Lao and to interdict traffic along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

The bombings destroyed many villages and displaced hundreds of thousands of Lao civilians during the nine-year period.

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Just type in 'Secret War in Laos', in any search engine, and you will get thousands of results. The Mennonite Central Committee also offers a video overview of the Secret War, as well as other excellent videos of the cluster bombs in Laos. Support Secret War in Laos "There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction." John F.

Kennedy LAOS: Geography Today Laos is known as Lao People's Democratic Republic (Sathalanalat Paxathipatai Paxaxon Lao).

More bombs were dropped on Laos than over Germany and Japan in World War II combined. From to , Laos was one of the most heavily bombed countries per capita in history. Running alongside the Vietnam war, the conflict in Laos, which lasted from to , was nominally a civil war fought between communist forces backed by North Vietnam and Laotian government.

By Joshua Kurlantzick. Simon & Schuster, pages; $ THE bombing of Laos in the s and early s always used to be referred to as America’s “secret war”.

The Secret War in Laos