My favorite pastime essay

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My favorite pastime essay

One thing that I would like to mention is that there will be television shows, people, or even songs that were famous in the fifties, or maybe earlier, but I first became aware of them in the sixties. For example, the program "Peter Gunn" was big in the fifties, but I caught it in syndication in the early sixties.

After that, things began to get more and more complicated. I was in the second grade when the world was panicked over what we now remember as "The Cuban Missile Crisis. I have more memories of The Cuban Missile Crisis here.

Still, far and away from the tedium of adulthood, there was some serious fun to be had. The guys and me would be out on My favorite pastime essay stingray bikes riding around, bare-chested and cool.

Playing army was my favorite pastime. Kids could actually play in the streets. Neighbors left their doors unlocked at night, and sat on front porches on hot summer eves. I remember playing hide-and-go-seek after the sun went down. Eating Popsicles under the the saffron glow of the street light, or playing nightly games of Army were indeed, commonplace.

You could actually peer into open screen doors and watch television through the rusty mesh. Drama, Comedy, and even music programs like "Shindig", "Hullabaloo", and "The Lloyd Thaxton Show" featured top performers and would-be up and comers.

Seriously, there were shows we watched for fun, and then there were shows we watched for the girls. Even the music of the sixties was better.

A multitude of dynamic bands lit up radio dials and sent sizzling notes of sweetness to our radio speakers. Here, in the good old U.

Hot bands were forming by the dozens. Just a bit about why I built this site. I built this site dedicated to my memories hoping to lock a slice of time into our current lifestyle.

My favorite pastime essay

These pages are basically memoirs of my growing up during one of the most colorful and exciting decades ever. Were the sixties ideal and perfect? For me they were, but I was just a kid.

I designed this site to look like a magazine for one to flip through from page-to-page. I laid these out to be visually appealing, to reflect my moods of the decade and how my memory sees them, rather than following some strict web design guideline.

Whatever fun we had, we had to make for ourselves. Symbolism meant so much more to us than actual possesions, or store-bought things. Inventiveness was more than just a necessity; it was the realm that separated fun from reality, and stirred our imaginations.

My favorite pastime essay

Play time was creative. Games were invented when the old ones became dull. I can recall using tree branches for army rifles and blocks of wood for walkie-talkies.

People had to discover things for themselves; we had no access to online information, but somehow we got by! To us, a text message was what you scribbled on schoolyard concrete; a chat room was inside your secret fort or the sanctity of your bedroom; Blogs were the monsters in the closet, or the creatures trapped inside the TV screens of Saturday afternoon horror matinees.

Unlike today, people connected and not vice-versa. With that I mean to say that a lack of technological advancement never stopped us from having the times of our lives. My memories are very valuable to me. Our daily lives can quite easily spiral out of our control, and the further we zoom in on the future, the less control over our lives that we have.

Still, where would we be without our computers, cell phones, and debit cards? These days we live in now with our new and modern technology, have allowed us so much more freedom to create. But, the past is cherished, and this past, I have made for you. My mother had her work cut out for her raising five of us boys.

I grew up primarily in the neighborhoods of Southeast Portland, Oregon.

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Sign-in to My Verizon Fios today! My Hobbies Life without a hobby is like food without the salt. It is a hobby which makes living interesting. It is a pursuit outside one’s regular work.

A hobby gives one joy and pleasure; one does not get tired of it. It is a pastime, relaxation. Essay Version Click-Tap "CONTENTS" at the top to see the table of contents for this essay. A Socratic View of Wrongdoing. Morality is a term that refers to our adherence to rules that govern human behavior on the basis of some idea of right and wrong.


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There are several hobbies which one may pursue, such as photography, stamp collecting, reading etc.

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