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This Schedule applies to court charges, costs, and fees in connection with civil and criminal actions filed or pending in a circuit court and other services of clerks of the circuit courts. This Schedule does not apply to any charge, cost, or fee in the District Court, other than deposits under Rule

Revised schedule

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CNSC The proposed NSDF - an engineered containment mound to be constructed at CNL's Chalk River laboratories - is intended to provide safe disposal of low-level radioactive wastes including legacy wastes from 65 years of operations at the Ontario site, waste from the remediation of contaminated lands, and debris from Chalk River infrastructure decommissioning activities.

A draft EIS for the facility was opened to public comments earlier this year. The regulator then submitted comments received, as well as a consolidated table of federal comments, to CNL for action.

Revised schedule

The CNSC also identified a number of areas where additional information is required for both the final EIS, and other technical supporting documentation.

CNL must address all federal and public comments received on the proposal before submitting its final EIS.

Revised schedule

In October, CNL announced a decision not to include the disposal of intermediate-level waste in its plans for the NSDF, a decision it said was based in part on the public remarks and federal technical submissions received through the formal comments on the draft EIS.

Previous project timelines had envisaged CNL submitting the final EIS for the facility in Januarybut CNL said on 24 November it now needed to amend the schedule for the submission and the subsequent licensing hearing to allow enough time for it to respond and for third-party review.

The CNSC's regulatory review process, giving members of the public the opportunity to voice opinions on the project to CNL, was "tremendously important", he said.The Arizona State Legislature is a bicameral body with 30 members in the Senate and 60 members in the House of Representatives.


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(15) A schedule I narcotic-opiate that meets the fentanyl pharmacophore requirements specified in division (A)(56) of section of the Revised Code, including acetyl fentanyl, furanylfentanyl, valerylfentanyl, butyrylfentanyl, isobutyrylfentanyl, 4-methoxybutyrylfentanyl, para-fluorobutyrylfentanyl, acrylfentanyl, and ortho-fluorofentanyl.

Director General Sports Punjab, Nadeem Sarwar on Tuesday announced revised schedule of International Kabaddi Taakra, featuring kabaddi teams from hosts Pakistan, India and Iran.

The GRE revised General Test is offered year-round in most countries around the world and one to three times per month in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

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