The 2008 olympics impact on china

Home News and views News Social impact of the Olympic Games on China Social impact of the Olympic Games on China Social impact of the Olympic Games on China Susan Brownell reflects on the social implications of the Beijing Olympics for China and its society, how this affected relations with the western world and ways of thought by Susan Brownell Legal reforms as a result of the Olympics To date the only rigorous studies of the impact of Olympic Games have measured economic impact, and scholars do not really understand their social impact very well. The most convincing evidence for social change would be changes in institutions. Critics of China's political system hoped that the Olympics would bring about political reforms, but there were no major changes in political institutions after the games.

The 2008 olympics impact on china

The red alert involved drastic measures such as school and construction site closures and significant traffic restrictions.

Aug 13,  · Beijing Olympics: 'Negligible' Economic Impact If you add up the total of $40 billion in Olympics-related spending in the past four years, it accounts for an average of only % of China. 1 Lee M. Sands, “The Olympics’ Impact on China,” China Business Review, July-August Order Code RS August 6, China’s Economy and the Beijing Olympics Michael F. Martin Analyst in Asian Trade and Finance Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division Summary China will host the Olympic Summer Games from August 8 to 24, ” In the Olympic Games were held in China for the first time. In the months prior to the Games’ start, a devastating earthquake in Sichuan province, international focus on China’s pollution problems, and protests over China’s human rights record and Tibet.

These limitations also recalled the controls Beijing enacted during the Olympic Games to protect athletes and visitors. A recent paper took advantage of the exceptional restrictions during the Games to understand how the high levels of pollution in Beijing contribute to thousands of premature deaths among Chinese citizens each year.

Before the Games began, all coal plants were required to install devices to decrease emissions.

The 2008 olympics impact on china

High-emitting vehicles were replaced by increased public transportation options, some chemical plants in Beijing were shut down, and the government increased the price of gasoline to discourage the use of cars.

During the Games, additional restrictions were put in place.

Social impact of the 2008 Olympic Games on China

Vehicles with odd numbered plates could only circulate on odd days, while even numbered plates were only allowed to circulate on even days. All cement, concrete, and lime plants were closed, and power and chemical plants were required to decrease emissions by 30 percent.

These measures caused a sudden and sharp decrease in air pollution levels in Beijing and nearby cities. For instance, the particulate matter in the air PM10 in Beijing decreased by an average of 18 percent during and 30 percent during the Games.

To evaluate the impact of lower levels of air pollution on mortality rates, the authors classified deaths by those related to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, which can be connected to or worsened by air pollution, and others that are typically unrelated to pollution, such as old age or sudden injuries.

Global corporations salivate; 5 million people are displaced.

The authors compared mortality rates among cities that had experienced a large decrease in pollution with those that had experienced little or no reduction, controlling for socioeconomic characteristics of the population, weather conditions, and regional incidents such as epidemics or economic shocks.

The results show a significant decrease in the number of cardiovascular and respiratory deaths during the months the measures were enacted. Within this four-year window when the restrictions were in place, the probability of dying from a pollution-related cardiovascular or respiratory disease decreased.

In this particular case, a decrease of 10 percent in PM10 was associated with a seven percent decrease in deaths perpeople. According to the authors, this figure is equivalent to preventingpremature deaths.

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The authors explicitly state that these results cannot be generalized because of the particularities of the study and the strikingly high levels of pollution in Beijing. These findings should alert governments and policymakers to the potentially significant health and economic costs of air pollution, as well as to the benefits that can be gained by instituting effective and long lasting air pollution restrictions.Apr 03,  · The International Impact of China's Olympic Moment.

Japan's first Olympics were occasionally mentioned last year, but much more was said about other analogies for Beijing Aug 13,  · Beijing Olympics: 'Negligible' Economic Impact If you add up the total of $40 billion in Olympics-related spending in the past four years, it accounts for an average of only % of China.

The Beijing Olympics were huge for China, a $42 billion chance to put the country on the world stage. Half a decade later, however, it's not clear whether that money was well-spent.

For China's billion inhabitants, displacement of residents in Beijing, a potential post-Olympic economic lag, and impending labor inequities are among the less-explored consequences of bringing the Olympic torch to China.

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The Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony concluded the Beijing Games on 24 August It began at pm China Standard Time (UTC+8), and took place at the Beijing National Stadium.

The Ceremony included handover of the Games from Beijing to London. A number of concerns and controversies surfaced before, during, and after the Summer Olympics, and which received major media benjaminpohle.comg up to the Olympics, there were concerns about human rights in China, such that many high-profile individuals, such as politicians and celebrities, announced intentions to boycott the .

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