The deadly effects of phencyclidine

A dissociative anesthetic, it was developed for medical use on humans and as a veterinary tranquilizer during the s.

The deadly effects of phencyclidine

What Does PCP Do?

Revised January What are hallucinogens? Hallucinogens are a diverse group of drugs that alter perception awareness of surrounding objects and conditionsthoughts, and feelings.

They cause hallucinations, or sensations and images that seem real though they are not. Hallucinogens can be found in some plants and mushrooms or their extracts or can be human-made. People have used hallucinogens for centuries, mostly for religious rituals.

Common hallucinogens include the following: DMT is a powerful chemical found in some Amazonian plants. Manufacturers can also make DMT in a lab. The drug is usually a white crystalline powder.

A popular name for DMT is Dimitri. D-lysergic acid diethylamide LSD is one of the most powerful mood-changing chemicals. It is a clear or white odorless material made from lysergic acid, which is found in a fungus that grows on rye and other grains.

The deadly effects of phencyclidine

Peyote mescaline is a small, spineless cactus with mescaline as its main ingredient. Peyote can also be synthetic. Buttons, Cactus, and Mesc are common names for peyote. Some hallucinogens also cause users to feel out of control or disconnected from their body and environment.

Common examples include the following: Robo is another popular name for DXM. Ketamine is used as a surgery anesthetic for humans and animals. Much of the ketamine sold on the streets comes from veterinary offices. While available as an injectable liquid, manufacturers mostly sell it as a powder or as pills.

Phencyclidine PCP was developed in the s as a general anesthetic for surgery.

The deadly effects of phencyclidine

While PCP can be found in a variety of forms, including tablets or capsules, liquid and white crystal powder are the most common forms.

Salvia divinorum salvia is a plant common to southern Mexico and Central and South America. People use hallucinogens in a wide variety of ways, as shown in the following chart: Text Description of Chart How do hallucinogens affect the brain?

PCP Effects | Short- and Long-Term Effects of Phencyclidine

Research suggests that hallucinogens work at least partially by temporarily disrupting communication between brain chemical systems throughout the brain and spinal cord. Some hallucinogens interfere with the action of the brain chemical serotonin, which regulates:PCP (Phencyclidine) also known as dust, rocket fuel, and wack is a very dangerous drug.

This article talks about the history and development of this drug, its side effects and symptoms. PCP abuse should be fought against and understanding drug testing methods for testing and detecting PCP .

PCP can also cause deadly overdoses and increase the risk of accidental death. The drug has been associated with drownings, car accidents, falls from high places, suicides and homicides. Long-Term Effects of PCP. The Deadly Side Effects of PCP Addiction Phencyclidine which is commonly known as PCP is a deadly recreational drug.

When abused, PCP effects produce feelings of detachment from one’s body and surroundings, along with distorted perceptions of sight, sound and benjaminpohle.comon: Variel Avenue, Los Angeles, , CA.

PCP is a synthetic drug that has some of the most violent, dangerous effects of any of today’s drugs of abuse. Like K2 (Spice) and bath salts, PCP abuse can result in dangerous hallucinations coupled with aggressive behavior.

Higher doses of PCP can be deadly, along with long-term side effects of PCP that may be debilitating. These may include, but are not limited to: brain damage, psychosis, psychotic episodes of recall, cognitive damage to memory and perception, growth hormone interception in adolescent users, nervous system damage and/or muscle damage.

These long-term effects can be quite dangerous; case studies indicate that some of these reported symptoms may persist for as long as a year following last use of PCP. Is PCP Harmful? While under the influence of PCP, people are more likely to act aggressively or violently against others or themselves.

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