The life and works of jonathan swift

Yet Swift also wrote many other influential works, was a major political and religious figure in his time, and became a national hero, beloved for his fierce protest against English exploitation of his native Ireland.

The life and works of jonathan swift

The Encyclopaedia Britannica regards him as a leading prose satirist in the English language. Jonathan Swift was the second child of his parents. He father died seven months before his birth and was left in the care of his uncle Godwin Swift, as his mother decided to leave for England.

Jonathan Swift was from a family with strong literally background and connections. Jonathan Swift had his education at the Kilkenny College. While there he made friend with William Congreve. Jonathan Swift gained the trust of Temple that, he shared matters of great importance with him.

Due to ill health, he returned to Ireland in and returned a year after. After his graduation, he became an ordained priest in the Church of Ireland gaining an appointment to the prebend of Kilroot in the Diocese of Connor in With his position, Jonathan Swift helped prepare memoirs and correspondence of Temple for publication.

Jonathan Swift hopes that doing this would gain him the needed recognition and help him secure a position in England but that never happened.

Jonathan Swift then consulted King William for the available post, but that also failed. With this, he was forced to accept a position as secretary and chaplain to the Earl of Berkeley, a Lord Justice of Ireland.

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Unfortunately, upon reaching Ireland, Jonathan Swift found out the job has been allotted to someone else. Swift political pamphlet, A Discourse on the Contests and Dissentions in Athens and Rome was anonymously published in This led to the publishing of his political pamphlet The Conduct of the Allies in Jonathan Swift used the publication to criticise the Whig government for its failure to end the war with France.

The Tory government however secretly negotiated with the French to end the War of the Spanish Succession through the Treaty of Utrecht in Jonathan Swift compiled his experience during this time to his friend, Esther Johnson referred to as Stella by Swiftwhich was published as A Journal to Stella after he died.

Esther Johnson is believed to have been involved with Jonathan Swift Romantically. Jonathan Swift featured Esther in his poem Cadenus and Venessa. While in Ireland, Jonathan Swift used his pamphleteering skills to support the cause of Ireland.

The life and works of jonathan swift

These works gained him the status of an Irish patriot. Nonetheless, the government at the time was not contempt with his status and therefore attempted to silence him. This work became an instant hit and was translated into German, Dutch, and French in He, however, left London back to Ireland upon hearing the news that his friend Esther Johnson was dying.

The death of her Esther resulted in his work The Death of Mrs. He wrote his own obituary the Death of Dr. Swift in but was published in Jonathan Swift lost the ability to speak properly and showed signs of mental illness.

That year he also suffered an inflammation of the left eye and that year ended without him speaking.Victorian Web Home —> Some Pre-Victorian Authors —> Neoclassicism —> Jonathan Swift ] Jonathan Swift was born on November 30, in Dublin, Ireland, the son of Protestant Anglo-Irish parents: his ancestors had been Royalists, and all his life he would be a High-Churchman.

Jonathan Swift was born on 30 November in Dublin, Ireland; the son of Protestant Anglo-Irish parents Abigail Erick [Herrick] (c) and Jonathan Swift () an attorney at King's Inn, Dublin, who had died seven months before his son was born.

Early Life. Irish author and satirist Jonathan Swift was born in Dublin, Ireland on November 30, His father, an attorney, also named Jonathan Swift, died just two months before he arrived.

Without steady income, his mother struggled to provide for her newborn. Moreover, Swift was a sickly Nov 30, The foremost prose satirist in the English language, Jonathan Swift was born in Dublin in , and there graduated from Trinity Swift family was English, but had been in Ireland since 5/5(1).

A short Jonathan Swift biography describes Jonathan Swift's life, times, and work. Also explains the historical and literary context that influenced A Modest Proposal.

Jonathan Swift: The Selected Poems Jonathan Swift Jonathan Swift, born in Ireland in , was a writer, involved in politics and poet. He wrote for the Whigs and the Tories, along with other works such as A Tale of a Tub, Gulliver's Travels, and A Modest Proposal; many of his works were done.

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