William eggleston essay

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William eggleston essay

October 11, Dio Leave a comment Photo Essay: The story is about my trip to and from the Apple store in Bethesda for some cords and cases that I needed to buy for my iPhone. This is a photograph of the bicycles chained to fences in front of the clothes donation box. It is next to the shuttle stop, under the dorm hall building.

William eggleston essay

Photo 2 This is the photo of the shuttle stop itself. It took a while for the bus to get here, and an even longer time for it to leave the stop. Photo 3 I finally got to the Apple store after a couple hours. Choosing the right case and cord out of so many choices took a really, really long time.

Photo 4 When I left the store, it was already dark. It really was a nightmare to get to the store and choose a product. Photo 5 Walking through some of the streets in Bethesda to the metro station was a bit scary.

There are scenes like this, where everything around a door is dark, except for one lone light. Photo 6 Eventually, I found myself back to the Tenleytown metro station.

Photo 7 Finally, tired and exhausted, I walk back down the stairs to my terrace-level dorm room. I like the Photo 1 because I was able to frame the bicycles and donation box between the two brick columns that hold up the building.

I was able to frame it so that the emphasis of color goes to the color of the bicycles and the yellow of the box in between. It seems to be weighing a little more to the right, and it, in a way, throws off the balance of the picture.

I like how I was able to capture the different colors of the two posters and the blue newspaper holder. Each has a different, vibrant color of its own, and I was even able to frame the red poster with the butterfly within the frame of the shuttle stop.

Looking back at it now, I wish I had taken it from a more straight-forward angle so that I could see the rectangle of the frame better. I do wish, however, that I took the picture earlier in the day, when the colors would be more vibrant and bright. Again, I like the different colors of all the cases and boxes that were on display at the Apple store, and I especially like how the Apple employee in the back, with his bright blue shirt, fills that empty space.

What I dislike is the angle. I wanted to take it like Photo 2 on a more straight-forward angle, but this time the limited space in the store prohibited me to do so. I enjoy looking at this picture because of the different colors of the lights from the stores in the background.

I still wish that there were more colors other than white in the picture, and I wanted to fill that empty sky at the top, or add something a little bigger on the left side of the picture, since the two poles dominated the right side. I did like that. I thought that was quite clever. It makes it seem like there are two light sources in the picture.

The column that shows all the stops of the train, the ceiling which is really the underside of the floor of the second floorand the platform helps to frame the sign well, I think. The subway is dark, and when I tried using flash, the background was pitch black.

Photo 7 adds emphasis on the red on the pipes, but frames the small blue sign in the middle so that you can focus on that as well. I think this picture also captures the style of Eggleston better than some of my other photos, because the white background also emphasizes the bright colors of the red and blue.

It ended up being a bit tight-fitted and too close-up. It was harder than I thought it would be. His use of color, framing, and balance throughout the picture was something that I found to be a lot more difficult that I expected.'William Eggleston's Guide is considered to be one of the most influential photobooks of the twentieth century and is cited in Auer's ' Photo Books', Martin Parr and Gerry Badger's 'The Photobook.

Important Art by William Eggleston The below artworks are the most important by William Eggleston - that both overview the major creative periods, and highlight the greatest achievements by the benjaminpohle.comality: American.

Mar 08,  · The colour images of William Eggleston had been met with a range of hostility and indifference in , but the MoMA ‘all colour’ exhibition (Photographs by William Eggleston, ) was the beginning of a . Oct 04,  · Categories: Photography Tags: Art, Critique, Eggleston, Essay, Photography.

William Eggleston is an American photographer, born July 27, , who is most known for is use of color. He is also known to be the largest proponent for color photography as a form of art.

From the beginning during his childhood, Eggleston . William Eggleston (born July 27, ) is an American photographer. He is widely credited with increasing recognition for color photography as a legitimate artistic medium.

Eggleston's books include William Eggleston's Guide () and The Democratic Forest (). Essays Wolfgang Tillmans: Faces in the Crowd Corinne on Gloucester Place, Wolfgang Tillmans has consistently pushed back against whatever perceptions of his work seem most current.

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