Writing a maternity leave request letter

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Writing a maternity leave request letter

Maternity Leave in Europe The letter you write should be direct, but happy and pleasant. Address it to your boss to ensure that she reads the letter and is put on notice. You may address it to more than one recipient, such as your human resource representative and your boss. If you need help downloading the letters, check out these helpful tips.

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FMLA Notice Letter The letter at right applies when you are only entitled to take the 12 weeks of leave given to you under the FMLA, and will not be taking any additional personal or employer-provided leave. It addresses your right to FMLA leave and thereby reminds the employer that he has federally-mandated obligations to you during this time.

The letter also provides information about your intentions and states that you may need your employer to be flexible should an unexpected event occur requiring you to take leave early. Download this printable maternity leave letter Additional Leave Option Letter Some employers provide their employees with additional leave when the employees are expecting or adopting a new child.

The length and terms of this leave vary and could differ from the laws related to FMLA.

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Note that your employer cannot avoid providing you leave under FMLA if there are more than 50 people working at your company; therefore, any employer-provide leave must be in addition to your leave under the Act.

If there are fewer than 50 people at your company, you employer may still provide leave as an added benefit to you. If this is the case, be sure to remove any reference to the FMLA requirements from your maternity leave letter. If you are taking FMLA and employer-provided leave, you should identify both types in your letter of intent to take leave.

This prevents confusion about what types of leave you will be taking and when you plan to return to your duties. Consult your human resources department for information about employee leave from your company. Download this printable additional leave letter Altering These Letters to Your Needs You can make a few changes to either of these free printable letters to suit your needs.

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First, provide specific names of all persons mentioned. You may also provide their contact information by listing it at the end of the letter, but this is not required. Second, change the mentioned due date to accord with the one your doctor has provided you.

Third, if you are adopting a child, you may want to mention that fact in your letter to avoid confusion. Doing so, however, is not required because it is private information.

writing a maternity leave request letter

Although you are entitled to leave if you work at a company with more than 50 employees and your employer faces potential legal action should she try to deny it to you, you should still keep the tone of your letter upbeat and kind. After all, this is a happy occasion! Delivering Your Letter Try to deliver your letter as soon as possible in your second trimester.A maternity leave request letter may seem formal but something as important as this should be documented in writing, dated and signed.

The details of your leave cannot get lost. Request letters can be of different types, they could be as mundane as Change of Address Request letter or as delicate as a Promotion Request Letter.

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A ‘maternity leave letter’ should start with a polite request for a leave of absence, following which the period of absence should be stated clearly. Most women seeking a maternity leave ask for a 3-month leave of absence.

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Rules. Maternity Benefit is paid by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection to women who have a certain number of paid PRSI contributions on their social insurance record and who are in insurable employment up to the first day of their maternity leave.

This is a letter asking an employer for maternity leave benjaminpohle.com primary purpose of this letter is to put a request for maternity leave in writing to an employer.

Often, an expectancy announcement is made orally and informally prior to a formal request for maternity leave, but it doesn't have to be that way/5(2).

Maternity Leave Request Letter - Samples & Writing Tips